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Master Plan Documents

The Master Plan of Riverdale

This is a totally complete revision of the Borough of Riverdale's Master Plan, the first one in thirty years. Never before have we had such a comprehensive Plan. Many thanks to Walter Kalina of Clough Harbour and Associates in its preparation.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, since this document is not cast is stone, it is designed to be updated as conditions and needs necessitate it. Please email your input to

Master Plan Appendices

Table of Contents - Hamburg Turnpike Plan - Quarry Plan

Riverdale Design Handbook

Sewer and Water Plans

Portland Initiative

Natural Resource Inventory Part 1 Natural Resource Inventory Part 2


Historical Part 1 Historical Part 2 Historical Part 3

Glenburn Part 1 Glenburn Part 2

Riverdale References

Forestry Management Plan

Master Plan Figures

Location Map

Topographic Map

Natural Resources Map

MAPS: Existing Land Use - Existing Zoning - Future Land Use - Cotluss Road and Zoning Districts

Open Space Location Map

MAPS: West Parcel Constraints - East Parcel Constraints - West Parcel Access Analysis - Adjacent Zoning & Topography

Downtown Development Scenario

Quarry Development Scenario

Riverdale & Regional Demographics

Highlands and Adjacent Municipal Zoning

Road Jurisdiction Map

Sewer Service Map

Groundwater Resources Map

Water Service Map

New Jersey State Plan

Report Chapters

A Collection of All the Elements of the Riverdale Master Plan

Riverdale Zoning Map

Riverdale Zoning Map