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The Glenburn

The Glenburn Estate

glenburn-in-winter.jpg The purchase of the 5.67 acre Glenburn Estate was a bellwether shift in policy for the Borough of Riverdale. We have gone from a plow under/pave over approach to one of preservation - open space and historical sites.

We were fortunate to receive approximately $1,150,000 from the state Green Acres Program and $1,200,000 from the Morris County Open Space Fund. The Borough used $250,000 from its funds to complete the purchase.

Morris County Historic Preservation funds have been used to pay 80% of the restoration costs; the remainder comes from the Borough's Open Space Trust Fund.

Much as the Library and the Senior Community Center have become gems, integral facilities in the quality of life of the Riverdale residents, so too will the Glenburn Estate.

Take the time to peruse through this preservation plan to see from where it came and keep your eyes on the future to see what it will become. Enjoy!

William Budesheim

The Preservation Plan

Glenburn Preservation Plan - Part 1

Glenburn Preservation Plan - Part 2

Photo Albums

glenburnsidesnow.jpg Visit the Mayor's Photo Albums to see the progress that has been made in the restoration of the house to its former grandeur.
Photo Albums

The Glenburn Estate: A History Worth Reading

Inside the barn below you can read the exciting new brochure telling the interesting story of Glenburn's beginning and its restoration. Enjoy!