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Presenting information to the residents of Riverdale on the natural means available in preventing and treating illnesses. This is for information only and is not intended to prescribe, recommend or treat any illness. Only a medical doctor is qualified to treat diseases. Call your doctor if you have any medical symptoms. Enjoy your reading!

Vaccinations. Are they Safe?

flu-shot-cartoonsmall.jpg UPI Investigates: The vaccine conflict
The CDC is in the vaccine business. Under a 1980 law, the CDC currently has 28 licensing agreements with companies and one university for vaccines or vaccine- related products. It has eight ongoing projects to collaborate on new vaccines. Vaccines

Anyone considering a flu shot should become informed about the substances coming through that needle, and should be determined to investigate the safety and efficacy issues that are still unresolved. Mercury in Flu Shots

On an Ohio radio show Nov. 25,2003, a doctor stated "If you have taken the flu shot more than 8 times in the last 10 years you have an 80% chance of getting Alzheimer's."
Flu Shots = Alzheimer's?

September 26, 2007 The elderly may receive little to no benefit from annual influenza vaccinations, according to a review of current evidence study reported in the October issue of Lancet Infectious Diseases. Annual Flu Shots May Be of Little Benefit to the Elderly

Vaccines = Autism? From the Suburban Trends

Behavior Worth Medicating

boy-with-snack.jpg Is Ritalin the Answer? Find out for yourself: Medicating Our Children

Originally appeared in the New American.


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